About UKM


United Kingdom Meditation is a non-profit , non-sectarian, educational organisation devoted to offering meditation classes, retreats and preserving the universal teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi (1932-1988).

UKM  is maintained on a volunteer basis by its members under the directorship of Pranesh Jolly who has practiced meditation and taught the teachings of Gururaj Ananda for over 25 years. It has affiliated with sister organisations and teachers in Canada, England, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Ireland and America. United Kingdom  Meditation conducts meditation retreats in various locations throughout the UK and offers teacher training courses.

UKM holds an extensive library of transcripts, video and audio satsangs recording Gururaj’s teaching when he visited various countries during 1977-1988.

  • We will with open heart share and provide instruction in meditation as taught by our founder, Gururaj Ananda Yogi.
  • We endeavour to preserve and share the universal teachings of Gururaj with integrity and wisdom.
  • We will provide a place where those who wish to can unfold the inner self  to discover peace and harmony within  the company of other like-minded people.