IFSU Emblem

IFSU Emblem

With permission, the registered emblem of the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment. (IFSU) is preserved by UKM since it is an acknowledgment of universal spiritual truth. Symbols of the world’s great religions are arranged around a central lamp, which represents the flame of divinity in each person’s heart. UKM recognizes that every individual has a unique and personal path to divinity. Our meditation practices are designed to help each of us follow that path.

Different types of Meditation

There are hundreds of types of meditation techniques. The ones prescribed by us fall into several main categories. Each has a specific purpose but interrelates with the others. It is the whole programme of meditation techniques which is important and produces the balanced growth.


  • mantra meditation, the most fundamental of our practices
  • tratak, helps gathering the scattered mind and develop the powers of concentration
  • pranayama, or control of breathing sets a rhythm invigorating and purifying our whole system
  • gurushakti, gives a sense of deep inner security

Meditation For the Individual

Learn Meditation The way it is meant To Be…

UK Meditation (UKM) is a non-sectarian, educational organisation devoted to offering meditation classes and retreats in UK, preserving the original and universal teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi (1932-1988).

UK Meditation is maintained on a volunteer basis by its members under the directorship of Pranesh Jolly and is affiliated with sister organisations and teachers in Canada, England, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, and Ireland. UKM conducts meditation retreats in various UK locations and offers teacher training courses.

UKM holds and has access to an extensive library of transcripts, video and audio satsang’s recording Gururaj’s teaching when he visited the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada and various other countries around the world during 1977-1988.

This initiative has been inspired by the International Foundation for Spiritual Unfoldment (IFSU) to promote and publish the meditation techniques and philosophy of the method developed by Gururaj Ananda Yogi. The Path of Unfoldment (PoU protocol) through his videos and posts on the website dedicated to his works.

UK Meditation is Based in London, England, close to major International airports.

Classes + Retreats

Meditation classes include broadening understanding of daily life events and self-awareness. UK Meditation offers retreats to enrich and deepen your meditation experience and to encourage regular practice.

All meditation instruction is under the guidance of an experienced teacher.Meditation techniques are most effectively taught through the oral tradition where the student is guided step by step based on their own experience. All levels welcome.

When mind and body reach a state of deep relaxation through meditation, it allows the inner self, the spiritual self to shine through and permeate the mind and body.

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