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We have fully trained teachers located throughout the United Kingdom. Please contact us to establish where your nearest is located. We may be able to arrange for a teacher to come to your area.

 Ask us about learning to meditate and registering for a retreat.

For students wishing to learn in the UK  please contact Kevin Jolly (+44 (0)7779922836) and for international students please follow the appropriate international sister links on the home page.



This class focuses on how to meditate effortlessly. It is a foundational class for further instruction as well as meditation for beginners. There are four weekly classes in basic mantra meditation, with emphasis on correct technique, how to become the observer of thoughts, and understanding the meditative process.



This meditation class provides four classes in further meditation techniques: 1) A Visual Meditation practice which develops the power of concentration and deepens ability to focus and have greater awareness in daily life. With greater awareness in daily life we experience the true value within ourselves. 2)  Pranayama (breathing practice) which detoxifies the body, attunes oneself to a higher rhythm, and captures the vital force within to gain needed energy. 3) A Shakti meditation practice to connect with the universal principle of grace. Shakti is that universal force pervading everything in the universe.


Individualised Meditation Instruction:  Personalised mantra and meditation techniques based on the individual’s own unique make up are offered in one-on-one instruction.


Advanced meditation techniques and practices are offered to deepen meditation experience. Advanced meditation practices are offered individually and on meditation retreats.


A suggested donation of £75 is given by the student to UKM for the entire eleven week course. There is a Paypal facility for convenience or please refer to Kevin Jolly directly.

Students are never turned away from UKM classes because of financial hardship.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a simple and effortless process where you connect with the silence and peace within yourself. During meditation the attention flows inward instead of engaging in the outside world of activity.  You connect with a deeper level of yourself, the stillness within, and gradually over time you begin to live from a place of steadiness and inner peace.

It is a simple technique which allows the body to experience a profound state of rest while the mind becomes quiet and alert. Deep-rooted stresses are released in a completely natural way benefiting all aspects of health and well-being.  Anyone can meditate.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. The ultimate purpose of meditation is to integrate body, mind and spirit to achieve self-realisation or enlightenment.